About Solar power system

Solar power is a source of electricity generated by converting sunlight into electricity using energy devices. Specifically, solar panels are responsible for absorbing sunlight and then creating a 1-way current, then the inverter will convert 1-way electricity into AC electricity for use for consumption loads.

Popular solar power systems today
1, Grid-free grid-reconciled solar power
2, Grid-reconciled solar power with storage
3, Independent solar power

Principle of operation of solar power system

Solar power system has a fairly simple principle of operation. Through solar panels, solar radiation will be converted into a one-way current through the photovoltaic effect. The current is then brought in by the solar charging system and automatically fully charged the battery system.

How to choose a good solar power system, ensuring long-term use without frequent errors when operating?

Everyone should choose for themselves a reputable supplier, always have available goods and be an official partner of the company – Operating in the field of solar madness for 3 years. The company scale must be stable to ensure warranty as well as troubleshooting when needed.

People choose genuine products and are trusted by the world in the top 5 prestige: JA solar, jinko, sharp, Kobell solar, SMA, Huawei, Sungrow, Goodwe. Inexpensive or faulty inverter devices lead to inaction, inverter like the human brain if choosing a bad product the system often has a deactivation problem, choose the following inverters: Goodwe, Sungrow, Huawei, SMA, ABB.

Choosing to use quality solar panels, and reputable suppliers, long-term warranty is something people should think about first when investing in solar power. otherwise, it is not advisable to invest because it will fall into a state of disability. Many investment customers have chosen the wrong installation unit, until the contact problem is not allowed for many reasons: The operation is not business …

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